College Administration

College Administration

1. Office of the Rector

The Rector as the Chief Executive oversees the academic affairs and the administration of the College.
The following divisions are under the Rector’s office.

i.   Academic Planning
ii.  Physical Planning
iii. Information Unit
iv. Audit
v.  Students’ Affairs

2. Office of the Registrar

The Registrar deals with all administrative matters and is headed by the Registrar who is the chief Administrative officer of the College. The Registrar assists the Rector in the day-to-day administration of the College.
The following units are under the Registrar.

i.   Academic Affairs Unit
ii.  Establishment Unit
iii. General Administration Unit
iv. School offices Unit
v.  Council Affairs Unit

3. Bursary Division

The bursary which is the arm of the College that deals with financial matters is headed by the Bursar.
The Units of the Bursary are;

i.  Treasury/Cash Office
ii.  Stores
iii. Salary section
iv. Students Account section
v.  Ledger and final section

4. The Schools

The College has three (3) schools and five (5) Directorates/centers.
i.   School of Engineering and Technology
ii.  School of Pure and Applied Sciences
iii. School of Arts and Management Science

5. ICT Centres and Directorates

Below is the list of the institution’s directorates and units;
i.   Vocational/Entrepreneurial Unit
ii.  Training, Research and Development.
iii. CISCO Networking Academy
iv.  ICT Resource Centre

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