Accredited Courses

College Courses Registration

1. Courses Registration

Every student shall register for his/her course of study at the beginning of every semester.

All late registration shall attract a prescribed fee which shall be fixed from time to time. A copy of the course registration form shall be deposited at the Students’ Affairs Office.

2. Approved Academic/ Professional courses in Affiliation with

i.   Chartered Institute of Commerce
ii.  CISCO Academy USA
iii. Chartered Institute of Portfolio Management
iv.  Institute of Marketing Communication
v.  Association for Information and Management Science (AIMS)
vi. Institute of Administrators & Economic Planners
vii. Chartered institute of Public Management
vii  Institute of Criminology and Strategic Studies. Olabisi Onabanjo University(Consult)
viii.Institute of Import and Export management among others are;
• Accountancy
• Banking and Finance
• Business Administration
• Computer Science
• Computer Engineering
• Electrical/Electronics
• Marketing
• Mass Communication
• Public Administration
• Science Laboratory Technology (SLT)
• Secretarial Administration (OTM)
• Mass Communication

3. Certificate Courses

i.     Secretarial Administration
ii.    Cooperative Studies
iii.   Criminology and Security Studies
iv.    Marketing
v.     Security Management
vi.    CCNA, I.T Essential
vii.   International Business Management
viii.  Shipping and Export
ix.    Building Technology
x.     Draughtmanship/ Architecture
xi.    Motor Maintenance
xii.   Health Information Management
xiii.  Estate Management
xiv.  Drawing and Painting
xv.    Journalism and Media Studies – Music
xvi.  Communication Arts
xvii. Farm Management
xviii.  Farming; Poultry, Rabbiting, Piggery
xix.     Horticulture, Aquaculture and Fisheries
xx.      Interior Decoration
xxi.     Theater Arts
xxii.    Music
xxiii.   Agriculture
xxiv.   Fashion Design and Clothing Technology
xxv.    Hospitality
xxvi.   Executive Leadership
xxvii.  Educational Administration
xxviii  Early Child Care