School library

1. Fees and Levies

The College library is located at the ICT centre. It has a total floor area of 720 square meters with a capacity to accommodate 1,000 volumes of books, and seats about 200 readers.
The library also subscribes to about 1,000 Journals and it provides local newspapers and magazines for its readers. All students should note that pilfering or mutilation of books will earn severe disciplinary measures.
Don’t Do it!
The Library is open to readers on daily basis except on Sundays as follows:
8:00am - 5:00pm Monday to Friday
8:00pm - 1:00pm On Saturdays
9:00am - 3:00pm During Vacations, Monday to Friday. .

2. Admission to the library

No person may make use of the College Library until he/she has signed the register undertaking to observe the library rules and regulations and has been issued with a library card.
The card must be shown to any authorized official of the library on demand who may prohibit entry to any reader unable to produce it.
The following are eligible to be registered as readers in the library with the privilege of borrowing books and reference materials..
i.   Members of the institution Council.
ii.  Members of Academic Staff
iii. Senior members of Administrative and Technical Staff.
iv.  Post graduates students

3. Library Usage

The following may also use the library on a temporary basis and or for reference purpose only.
i.   Full Time Students
ii.  Part – Time Students
iii. Alumni of the College
iv. Visitor attending conferences, Seminars, or Part-Time courses in the College.
v.  Such other persons as may be permitted by the College Librarian.

4. Loaning of Books

i. Every book to be loaned out of the library must be submitted at the issuing desk (circulation desk) for necessary condition until the loan slips. The books shall be stamped with date due.
ii. The reader is responsible for any book for which the Library holds a loan slip signed by him and safe return in good condition until the loan slip is cancelled.
iii. All transactions must be made in person.
iv. No reader is normally allowed to borrow or have in his possession more than four books at a time.
v. The period of loan shall be for two weeks, subject to renewal for another two weeks on application, provided the book is not required by others. For academic staff and post-graduate students, the initial loan period may be much longer provided it does not extend beyond the end of the academic year.
vi. Loaned books not returned by the date due will incur a fine of N50.oo per day and the reader will be denied borrowing privileges until the overdue book is returned to the library.
vii. The following cannot be borrowed or removed from the library.
a. Books marked “For Reference only”
b. Books display “Recent Additions to Collection”
c. Bound and unbound periodicals
d. Books in special collection e.g. Africana, Government Publications, Private Papers and Rare Works

5. Return of Library Materials

  • i. Library materials must be returned on or before of the due date.
    ii. Library materials borrowed by students must be returned on or before the Wednesday preceding the end of each semester.
    iii. Library materials borrowed by members of staff must be returned before the proceed on annual leave, study leave,
    sabbatical leave, retirement, leave of absence, or any such long absence from the institution.
    iv. Library materials borrowed by a member of staff must be returned on his/her registration or termination of appointment.
    v. Library materials borrowed must be returned to the library at the end of the session.
  • 6. Lost Materials

    i. The published price of lost materials will be determined from appropriate sources. If a replacement price cannot be determined, a minimum charge of N50.00 per page will be demanded.
    ii. In addition N2,000. will be charged as ordering/procession fee on all lost materials..
    iii. Failure to do so is punishable by a fine of N50.00 per day for the materials. In addition, the reader may be disallowed from borrowing books from the library..
    iv. When lost materials have been paid for, the overdue fines will be dropped..
    v. If a borrower locates an item after these charges have been paid, the borrower may keep the item. .
    The institution Library will not refund the money paid for lost library materials. The above are yet to be operational.