Registration Exercise

1. Fees and Levies

No student will be registered without payment of the prescribed fees.
The amount shall be made known at the beginning of every session. Students are therefore expected to make adequate arrangement for the payment of their fees at the beginning of the session.

2. Acceptance Fees

All newly admitted students must pay acceptance fee.

3. Registration Fees

All students pay registration fees and the fees are payable to the Bursary at the time of registration are as determined by the College from time to time.

Details of fees payable are available at both the Academic and the Students Affairs Offices. The details are given to students at the point of collection of their registration forms.

Payment of registration fees must be on-line payment to the College. The print out after payment will be brought to the Bursary for the collection of the school receipt.

Cash payment is not acceptable for registration fees and no payment should be made on collection of registration forms. The receipt is to be kept permanently as it will be demanded if there is cause to request for a refund especially refund of caution fees.

4. Scholarship and Sponsored Students

Scholarship and Sponsored Students are expected to collect details of fees payable through the Students Affairs’ Office and payment of such fees must be made before the beginning of a new session.

Registration forms of sponsored students will only be stamped by the Bursary after payment has been received by the Bursar and the cheques cleared.

5. Other Payments

  • Students do make other payments to the Bursary specifically for hire of academic gowns,    (the charge for which is determined by the College from time to time) and deposit of sponsors’ cheques. For such payment made, receipt must be collected.
  • The cheques for sponsored students must come through the Students’ Affairs Office which will confirm each students’ identity and entitlement to the cheque before it is receipted in the Cash Office of the Bursary.
  • 6. Late Registration

    Any student who fails to register within the first 4 weeks of resumption shall pay a fine of N3,500 for late registration. No such payment will be entertained after the 10th week of resumption, as it would have been taken that the student has lost his studentship.